There is nothing worse than a nest!

The birds normally start to nest early April until late August.
This is called nesting season and we are unable to remove nests during this time.
When its time to pull them down it can be a very dirty and smelly job!

We only use 100% twill cotton sheets and plastics keeping everything clean.
The dust is contained by our customized industrial vacuum.
A cyclone separator is used to contain soot and dust as well as plastic soot sheets.
We sometimes use a specialized air scrubber to contain any fine dust and smells.

We always tackle birds nest with multiple, specially designed 4k cameras
This allows us to pin point exactly where the nests are and what tools we need.
The camera is again used at the end to make sure its completely clear.
This is followed up by a full chimney sweep and full smoke test.
All animals are removed with care and consideration, dead or alive.

Original - Man holding beer

Removing blockages, in detail.

Scrubbing the air

Keeping the air clean

We sometimes use an air scrubbing unit while we tackle larger nests.
This keeps the air pure at all times keeping the working environment clean.

The unit purifies any smells and neutralizes any fine dust.

Our eyes in the chimney

CCTV Camera

A full range of different cameras are used to tackle anything we come across.
This allows us to view blockages in great detail and full HD.

Lined or unlined, we can remove blockages little by little with no mess.

Heads up

Selecting the correct head

You can't just remove any old blockage.
We first use the camera to identify the type of tools and heads we need.
Blockages can be tough to get through.

Liners can rip very easily and needs specialized equipment.

Blockages are not just nests!

We make sure that we carry all the latest technology and equipment to deal with all blockages no matter how big or small they are.
Blockages can range from dead animals to balls of soot.
We can deal with just about anything!
If you suspect you have a nest or your chimney may be blocked then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us as soon as possible.

Blocked Chimneys

Original - Man holding beer
Processed - Man holding beer


Smell of dampness
No draw
Smoke coming back into room

What we did

Removed the nest
Checked with CCTV
Smoke tested and tested fire

Original - Man holding beer
Processed - Man holding beer


Builder suspected ruined and unusable
Builder said it looks like its all ripped.
Builder quoted £2000 for new liner

What we did

Checked flu with CCTV
Removed a nest
Liner in perfect condition

Original - Man holding beer
Processed - Man holding beer


Smell of soot and dampness
Smoke coming back into room
Hasn't been swept since they moved in

What we did

Damper blocked solid with dirt
Power cleaned flue
Performed a smoke draw test

Let there be light!

Here is an example of a successful extraction of a birds nest while using our camera equipment.
After locating the exact spot we spun the nest down rather that using a nest hook.
We made this decision based on a few factors, such as height, size and strength.
Removing nests while using a camera gives us a huge advantage, so we can see exactly what is going on inside the chimney or liner.

We have this at our disposal on all our jobs should we require it.
This nest was removed after nesting season and the top of the nest was examined on the roof before removing it.

Keeping everything contained!

Everytime we remove blockages and sweep chimneys its vital the dirt and smells are contained behind the plastic sheet.
Between September and December is a very busy time for removing blockages of dead animals, nests and creosote and really can smell disgusting.
This is why we have plastic soot covers, Industrial vacuums, soot separators and air scrubbing equipment to completely eliminate dust and smells.

Any competent person can begin to tackle a nest!
However, once the smell gets out, there is no stopping it from going everywhere.
We completely eliminate all smells with our DefendAir scrubbing equipment.
Smells can come from dead animals, soot, nests and worse, fermented birds eggs.
Everything we do is by camera and is kept behind plastic at all times!

We can remove all types of blockages within the flue the same day.
Give us a call today to find out more..

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