Professional certificate

We offer our very own unique insurance recognised certificate with every sweep.
This certificate is not a guarantee of chimney safety, but to serve as evidence
that you have taken steps to maintain your chimney.
Insurance companies will ask for up to 5 years of certificates in the
unfortunate event you need to make a claim.
You will also need to provide evidence when selling your home.
We spoke with insurance underwriters and surveyors to see exactly what they wanted so our customers can get the best possible service.
Our certificates are always accompanied with a detailed job ticket to create your very own chimney report.

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Providing the correct paperwork!

Its not just about providing a service, we need to back it up with paperwork!
We provide a job ticket, certificate and business card with every sweep.
Having the correct paperwork is essential for the following reasons.

Renting or selling your property.
Fostering children.
Changing insurance companies.
Keeping your home insurance valid.