How to prepare for your sweep!

Clear furniture to give a rough 2 meter workspace.
Do not light your fire for at least 24 hours before we arrive.
Clear the fire of coal, wood or ash.
Make sure pets are safe, as the door will be open regular.
Move any stored wood or coal at the sides.

The more space, the better!

The more space we have, the better it is to work.
We use a particle soot commander that is the size of 2 large vacuums.

Clean and effective!

When we say we remove soot, we ain't kidding!
Our unique method of sweeping is extremely effective.
We start by doing a pre sweep, this is when we slowly push up manually
and exit the top and as we work in teams of two, someone is standing
outside with a radio to signal when he can see the bristles to avoid any risk of knocking off the cowl.
We then start to power clean the chimney while decending and we will
always complete 4 passes to esnure its scrubbed clean.
We then finish with a soft brush to take care of any light particles
loose on brick courses or liner grooves.

Kielder Chimney Sweeps will always make sure that a smoke draw test is completed after every job.

Customer questions

We have added just a few common questions we get asked by customers prior to having a chimney sweep.

Q Do i need to do anything before you arrive?
A Yes, please do not light your appliance within 24 hours of the appointment and if possible clear away the ash.

Q Do i need to lay any dustsheets?
A We have our own sheets that are immaculately clean, you may also lay your own if you wish.

Q What payment methods do you accept?
A We can accept BACS and all major cards, we can not accept cheques or cash as our bank account is digital.

Q Do you provide any paperwork after you sweep my chimney?
A Yes, we provide you a written job sheet containing our company information and a seperate certificate for your records.

Q I have a chimney cowl to stop the birds, will you knock it off?
A No, we work in teams of two and one will stand outside to confirm he can see the brush exiting the chimney and alert the sweep inside via radio.

Lets talk particle seperation

When we sweep your chimney we use negative pressure to our advantage!
Our vacuum connects to our particle seperator then connects to your chimney.
This can collect a huge amount of soot, fast without clogging up our vacuum.

It gets the job done!

We can control everything, this includes anything from the pressue in the chimney to air quality in the room!
The appliance is completly sealed with clear plastic and secured with magnets.
We can monitor what comes down so we can
see if a camera is needed and you can be assured of an effective clean.